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ARBITRARE is an institutionalized arbitration centre, with national scope, created in 2009 and a part of the network of Portuguese Arbitration Centres supported by the State, competent to resolve:

  • Disputes arising out of Industrial Property Rights, .PT Domain Names, Trade Names and Corporate Names, subject to voluntary arbitration; and
  • Disputes arising out of Industrial Property Rights, when reference medicines and generic medicines are at stake, subject to compulsory arbitration under Law no. 62/2011, 12 December.

These disputes can occur between:

ARBITRARE provides a means of Alternative Dispute Resolution, such as:

Mediation is a means of alternative dispute resolution, extrajudicial, confidential and voluntary, in which the parties involved are responsible for reaching a decision.

The parties are assisted by a neutral and impartial third party - the mediator - in seeking a fair and equitable agreement in order to resolve the dispute between them. Unlike a judge or an arbitrator, the mediator is not a decision-maker, but merely guides and clarifies the communication between the parties aiming to reach a satisfactory solution to all the intervening parties.

Arbitration is a means of alternative dispute resolution where the parties entrust a third party – the arbitrator – to decide on the outcome of the dispute, by making a binding and enforceable award.

Arbitration can be voluntary or compulsory.

Voluntary arbitration is based on a settlement between the parties (arbitration agreement), through which they provide to one or more persons the power to decide the dispute.

The arbitration agreement can be: an arbitration clause or a submission agreement. The arbitration clause concerns possible disputes, which may arise in respect of a defined legal relationship, contractual or not, and the submission agreement concerns an existing dispute.

Compulsory arbitration results from a legal provision forcing the dispute resolution of certain disputes through an arbitration court, thus preventing their resolution by State courts.


ARBITRARE offers the following advantages:

    Disputes are resolved within a maximum time-limit of 6 months counting from the constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal.

    Disputes are resolved by renowned arbitrators, holders of expertise in the areas of competence of ARBITRARE.

    The Arbitral Award has the same value as State Court Judgment.

    Confidentiality is guaranteed in all procedural stages.

    ARBITRARE makes available a secure and functional online application, where the proceedings submited to arbitration are carried out.

    The proceedings can be carried out in the Portuguese and/or the English language.
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