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ARBITRARE is an institutionalised arbitration centre, with a specialized scope, created by Order of the Secretary of State for Justice and constituted in 2009 as non-profit private association.


An arbitration centre is an institution of a permanent nature, with its own regulations, competent to promote the resolution of disputes through extra-judicial means such as mediation, conciliation and arbitration.

ARBITRARE has a national scope to resolve disputes in matters of Industrial Property, .PT Domain Names, Trade Names and Corporate Names.

As an example, the following disputes can be resolved with ARBITRARE:

  • A company becomes aware that its patent is being violated by a third party, it may then resort to ARBITRARE requesting the recognition and abstention of such violation and claiming potential damages incurred;
  • A private party has its request for registration of a trademark refused by the Portuguese National Institute of Industrial Property, he can the resort to ARBITRARE to react against this decision;
  • Someone is of the opinion that his company name is being misused on the internet as a domain name, he can then react by resorting to ARBITRARE requesting the removal and/or the transfer of the legal ownership of the domain name;
  • A private party to whom a registration request for a company trade name is refused by the Portuguese National Register of Legal Persons, he may then resort to ARBITRARE to react against this decision.

ARBITRARE is a bilingual Arbitration Centre, allowing the parties to choose between the Portuguese or the English languages.

Simple and Fast
Unbureauchratic, the disputes are resolved within a maximum time-limit of 3 months counting from the constitution of the arbitral tribunal.

The arbitrators are experts in the areas of competence of ARBITRARE.

Secure and Effective
The arbitral award has the same value as a state court judgment.

Confidentiality is guaranteed in all procedural stages.

Procedural dematerialization due to a functional and secure online application.

The proceedings can be carried out in the Portuguese and/or the English language.

Any queries you might have on course of a mediation procedure, an arbitral proceedings or regarding the operation of ARBITRARE, do not hesitate to contact us by phone: 211203100 or by e-mail: geral@arbitrare.pt