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A domain name (e.g. arbitrare.pt) is a name, which is easy to remember, used to locate and identify computers on the Internet. Without it, we would have to memorize an enormous sequence of numbers designated as an IP address.

ARBITRARE is competent to resolve, among others, the following disputes in matters of .PT domain names  (ccTLD of Portugal):
  • Disputes arising from the registration, refusal or removal of a domain name by DNS.PT;
  • Disputes between the holders and those interested in a particular domain name;
  • Civil law claims for damages arising from the improper use of domain names.

The interested party can file an appeal with ARBITRARE against:

  • The holder of the domain name; or
  • The Association DNS.PT concerning the refusal, removal or acceptance of a domain name.

Yes. Whenever the Claimant in an arbitral proceedings shows grounded fear that another party is causing serious harm to his right, which will be difficult to repair, a temporary suspension of the domain name in conflict can be requested in order to ensure the effectivity of the threatened right.

A decision of the Arbitral Tribunal granting the temporary suspension of a domain name shall be notified to the DNS.PT, who will suspend such domain name until the final decision of the arbitral proceedings.