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ARBITRARE and the National Association of Portuguese Young Lawyers (ANJAP) signed a Cooperation Protocol, on the 5th of April, aimed at mutual collaboration in the organization, participation and/or promotion of conferences, courses or workshops focused on alternative dispute resolution means, mainly arbitration and mediation.

Since its creation, ARBITRARE has been endorsing the role of the lawyers as fundamental in helping to promote alternative means of dispute resolution and, for that reason, the importance of promoting those means as being fast, secure and effective in the resolution of disputes in matters of industrial property, domain names and trade/corporate names.

ANJAP, founded in 2001, represents Portuguese young lawyers and trainee lawyers and, through its Commission for Intellectual Property and New Technologies, aims to potentiate and develop the area of Intellectual Property and New Technologies by raising awareness and further inform its associates on these areas thus creating a structure for support, promotion, interconnection and sharing among trainee lawyers and young lawyers in these increasingly important areas.

Representing the two entities at the ceremony to sign the Cooperation Protocol were Filipe Bismarck and Bernardo Carvalho, respectively Chairman and Member of the National Board of Directors of ANJAP, Márcia Martinho da Rosa, Coordinator of ANJAP's Comission for Intellectual Property and New Technologies and Joana Borralho de Gouveia, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ARBITRARE.

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