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The European Commission launched a public consultation to collect opinions on the current E.U. legislation concerning design and utility models. Since the publication of the directive on legal protection of design and utility models in 1998 and the Regulation regarding Design or Community Models in 2002, no provision was ever made to evaluate the global legislation of the E.U. on the protection of design and models.

The initiative for consultation aims to collect the opinions of the intervening public regarding the operation of the existing systems for design and models protection in the E.U. at both Union and national level. The consultations shall be based following investigation, analysis and specific previous surveys conducted within the context of two studies on economic and legal analisys of these systems. 

These survey will help the Commission in drawing conclusions on the necessity of improving, modernizing and harmonizing the above mentioned legal actions. Additional information can be found here.

To participate in this public survey, until the 31st of March 2019, the interested organizations and companies must complete the following  online survey.


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