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On July 11th, the Commitee for Intelectual Property and New Technologies from ANJAP - The Portuguese Young Lawyers National Association, ARBITRARE - Arbitration Centre for Industrial Property, Domain Names, Trade Names and Corporate Names and the Lisbon Regional Council of the Portuguese Bar Association are organizing a conference on the New Industrial Property Code. The event will take place at 10 a.m. on the premises of the Lisbon Regional Council.

The new Code entered into force on July 1st 2019, although it had some of its provisions entering into force on January 1st of the current year, the ones regarding the protection of commercial secrets. The new diploma will be a major contribution to serve all entities who resort to the Industrial Property System and focus on innovation in Portugal.

ARBITRARE associates itself to this event with the intervention of its Chairman of the Board, Joana Borralho de Gouveia, as a speaker on the pannel regarding the theme "How to resolve disputes involving Industrial Property Rights through ADR means?"

The event is free for lawyers but enrollement is necessary:
- Trainee Lawyers: formacao.crlisboa.org
- Lawyers (registered): centro.estudos@crl.oa.pt
- For other professionals the cost is 25€: centro.estudos@crl.oa.pt

Consult the Program: https://crlisboa.org/wp/2019/07/3758/

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