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INPI launches cycle of meetings and talks “Talks with...”

"Talks with..." are informal meetings to debate themes related to Industrial property (IP) organized by the Portuguese Institute for Industrial Property, opened to the general public, aimed at raising awareness to the importance of Industrial Property rights.

INPI's goals are, to stimulate the sharing of opinions by persons with diverse professional experiences, to contribute to the creation of knowledge networks in IP, to raise awareness in entrepreneurial and academic circles for the importance of these matters.

The first session will take place on the 4th December, under the theme "Prejudicial causes underlying the suspension of study in accordance with article 18 of the Portuguese Industrial Property Code"

To address these issues, the invite speakers on this event will be the Judge Eleonora Viegas, Nuno Cruz, President of ICC Portugal, António Côrte-Real, in representation of ACPI, Ana Rita Paínho, in representation of AIPPI. The session will be moderated by Rui Solnado da Cruz, Diretor of Extinction of Rights INPI.

The event is free but subject to previous registration until December 2nd: dreaj@inpi.pt



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