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On 3rd of May, the Platform for Alternative Dispute Resolution was launched for citizens, providing access to and management of alternative dispute resolution means.

This Platform integrates different means of alternative dispute resolution, managed or supported by the Ministry of Justice and will allow a faster, simpler and more accessible way to resolve various types of conflicts outside the courts.

With the RAL+ Platform, citizens can request information about RAL resources, start and consult the status of proceedings, consult the session agenda, download and send documents and receive notifications through channels they choose.

In a first phase, RAL + integrates Family and Labor Mediation systems and three Justices of Peace - Justices of Peace of the West (which integrates 12 municipalities), of Vila Nova de Poiares and of Sintra. Soon, the new Platform will be extended to the entire network of Justices of Peace in the country and will include, until the end of June, the Consumer Conflict Arbitration Centres.

In October of the current year, the access to the Platform will be extended to the entire network in the country, which currently covers 35% of the population, with 25 Justices of Peace covering 70 municipalities.

The main advantages of this new Platform include:

- Enhance speed in conflict resolution.

- Open agile interaction channels with the parties and their representatives.

- Ensuring secure authentication, shielding against fraud.

- Enhance the dematerialisation of proceedings by rationalizing costs.

- Ensure interoperability between relevant systems.

Find an alternative solution to your conflicts and access the RAL+ Platform at: https://meiosral.justica.gov.pt

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